Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is the architecture in which the host, virtual machines, virtual server, and brokers are involved in communication. Cloud computing has various challenges due to its dynamic architecture. These challenges are virtual machine migration, load balancing, task scheduling, and security. The brokers are responsible to assign the cloudlets to the appropriate virtual machine. The selection of the appropriate virtual machine will be decided on the basis of cloudlet which needs to be executed and the resources of the virtual machines.

Uses of Cloud Computing

  • Storage
  • Cloud technology can be used to store files which can later be accessed and retrieved through any web-enabled service. This data can be stored on premises or off premises.

  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud technology gives you the option of extracting information from large data sets and patterns to identify customer behavior.

  • Testing and Development
  • Cloud technology provides a platform for developer to run and test their applications on the cloud.

  • Backup
  • Cloud technology gives you the opportunity to store a copy of your files at a distant location. This valuable data is secured and can be accessed whenever a situation arises.

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