Data Mining

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  • Research Design, includes development of conceptual framework/model
  • Drafting of chapters, includes layout with headings and sub-headings of chapters
  • Collecting data, includes primary and secondary data collection for doctoral research
  • Data Analysis using SPSS STATA AMOS R SAS E Views
  • Implementation using Matlab Simulink, NS2, NS3, ANSYS, Labview, CST, HFSS, Weka
  • Revisions/corrections as per guides feedback
  • Editing/Proofreading & Scientific editing for manuscripts

The data mining is the technique in which useful information is extracted from the raw data. The data mining is applied to accomplish various tasks like clustering, prediction analysis and association rule generation with the help of various Data Mining Tools and Techniques. In the approaches of data mining, clustering is the most efficient technique which can be applied to extract useful information from the raw data. The clustering is the technique in which similar and dissimilar type of data can be clustered to analyze useful information from the dataset. The clustering is of many types like density-based clustering, hierarchical clustering, and partitioning based clustering.

Process of Data Mining

  • Problem definition
  • Data exploration
  • Data preparation
  • Modeling
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment

List of topics in Data Mining for thesis and research